Bee Pollen

Our bee pollen is fresh and moist, giving it the ability to get into your bloodstream without having to go through the digestive process. It is collected in various locations, always conscious of the location and the pesticide possibilities. The variance of color is a sign that many pollen sources have been gathered by the bees.

The bees are always left with enough honey to get through a typical winter. We also keep honey in frames on hand for long winters. Sweet supplements are not a healthy option. Pollen is gathered only two weeks out of the year so that the bees have enough to carry them to spring. If we see a problem – we look at world cures using essential oils. The queen is kept in a safe box, where she will lay her eggs, so that larva will not be included in the honey extraction. Thus the title Virgin Honey.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Pollen is totally different this year. It is not as sweet and is Greenish in color; this is probably due to our current drought conditions. 


Amen Bee Honey