2022 Honey Comb Is Available!

Our 2022 now available. Honeycomb is the most natural honey you can purchase. We let the bees build the combs right in the round container for eating pleasure.


Our Line of Honey

Our all natural and raw honey is some of the purest sourced honey available. We source all our nectar from various locations within California, so we can bring you nature’s most perfect food. 

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Bee Pollen

Our bee pollen is fresh and moist so that it is absorbed immediately in your bloodstream. You do not have to go through the digestive process.  It is collected in various locations in California.

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Natural Honey Combs

Pure natural honeycomb is like getting honey directly from the hive. We let our bees build the comb and store the precious honey right into the round container. We are confident you will delight in the quality and flavor of this honeycomb experience. 

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About Amen Bee

Learn more about the history of Amen Bee Products and how our story began. It has been a journey filled with discovery and chance circumstances. We love and take great pride in our bees and our product.

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