Honey Comb


Honey combs are a work of art in a round container made entirely by the bees. I always am amazed at what these little ladies do. It is not only delicious but beautiful. Just think never touched by human hands. Running a hot knife around the edge of the comb will release it. You can slice it or scoop it out. I love to eat it with pungent cheeses like Gorgonzola dolce or aged Gouda, to name a few. Try it!

Honeycomb is the most natural honey you can purchase. We let the bees build the combs right in the round container for eating pleasure. Comb honey created in these rounds is like getting the honeycomb directly from the hive just as the bees made it. It is a guarantee that nothing has been added or altered in the way the bees produced it. The honeycombs we offer have all the nutrients, flavor, and other healthy properties that honey offers in a round container of comb honey. Besides all the delicious natural honey, you will get in the combs; you can also chew the beeswax like regular chewing gum.


Amen Bee Honey