Our Honey

Amen Bee Honey
Many people believe that honey is accumulating continuously in the hive and that the beekeeper would be able to harvest at his convenience. This is true only where you have a cycle of plants that flower and release nectar continuously; this is a Beekeepers dream. Instead, the bees and I take road trips to parts of California to harvest – also to find environments that are specific to the flavors or our honey.

Another interesting fact is an area of land may also be overpopulated with bees at any one time, reducing the nectar flow to only a daily supply with no stores for the winter. This fact leads to migration from one location to another. I have had that happen to me several times, but it happened for the better. Great Huckleberry and Blueberry. For the most part, we can find plenty of pollen and nectar to build up the hive.


Amen Bee Honey

Our Nectar Sources – Where Does That Flavor Come From?

To have a nectar source for our honey, we look for pristine locations that are most dominant in that source. A perfect situation would be the avocado and orange groves. Lots of time is spent searching for perfect locations with the best possible nectar for the honey. What we present at this time is Olallieberry, Orange Blossom, Pine, Wildflower, Sage, Wild Raspberry, Star Thistle, Avocado, and Buckwheat.

Amen Bee Honey

Why We Choose to be Grade B Honey

Our honey is grade B, not because it is less, but because it is more. We cannot filter it because it is so thick that it will not go through a filter. We have not added water, so it is not as runny. We don’t feed Gmo sugar substitutes or antibiotics. Most importantly, we do not heat the honey. Grade A honey is heated so that it will go through a carbon filter that removes color and flavor. Then, of course, the color and flavor are added back to the honey. It has also been found that the enzymes and the bactericidal properties of honey are reduced if honey is heated at too high a temperature.

Amen Bee Honey

About Our Bees

The bees are always left with enough honey to get through a typical winter. We also keep honey in frames on hand for long winters. Sweet supplements are not a healthy option. Pollen is gathered only two weeks out of the year so that the bees have enough to carry them to spring. If we see a problem – we look at world cures using essential oils. The queen is protected and kept in a safe super, where she will lay her eggs, so that larva will not be included in the honey extraction. Thus the title Virgin Honey. I got the bees for my family so that we could enjoy one of nature's best foods. I do not want to change it, but to enjoy it the way it was meant to bee.