Bee Pollen


Our bee pollen is fresh and moist so that it is absorbed immediately in your bloodstream. You do not have to go through the digestive process. It is collected in various locations.

We are always conscious of the location and the pesticide possibilities. The variance of color is a sign that the bees have gathered a wide variety of pollen sources. Due to the strenuous work involved in collecting the pollen, we collect pollen only two weeks out of a year; this allows them to store up for themselves. If we see that they are low on pollen, we prepare a patty with their own honey and pollen. The pollen is stored in the cells on the tops of the frames and covered with honey and a thin layer of wax. .


Weight: 6 oz.
Serving Size: Varies
Servings/Container: Varies
Calories/Serving: 64 Cal
Sugar/Serving: 16 Grams
Pollen Source: Various
Harvest Location: California

Place contents in glass jar and place in freezer. No need to thaw. Just use it fresh from your freezer.

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