Bee Poem by Patrice Vecchione

August 10, 2021

Bee Poem by Patrice Vecchione

Patrice Vecchione has written a lovely poem about spring, bee pollinating, and beekeeping. The poem was inspired by interactions with Lynne and the bees of Amen Bee. 

Near Spring

Late at night in a rain-soaked orchard
of sweet almond, in the central valley town
of the baths, you unload the white boxes of bees
from the wide back of your flatbed truck,
set them down in rows beside the twisting trees,
so in the morning the bees will begin turning
the white and pink blossoms into fruit.
Handing me the smoker, you show me how
to heat the bees into making honey in their hives.
Momentarily unafraid, I lean up to the boxes
where nectar rises, floats into the misty air.

Tell me, is this a heat to run from, or do I turn
toward the honeying, the sudden beating
of wings, the hum and buzz of the inner hive?

– Patrice Vecchione

Patrice is a poet, nonfiction writer, and teacher. Patrice Vecchione’s new book is My Shouting, Shattered, Whispering Voice: A Guide to Writing Poetry & Speaking Your TruthYou can find out more about Patrice on her website

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