Delicious Gift Ideas

We have assembled some unique gift ideas for the holidays. We are sure that you will surprise and delight by offering such a delicious and satisfying gift. Honey is our gift from nature, and here is your chance to share it.

Indelible Honey

Amen Bee presents Indelible Honey. Experience honey in all it’s glory! This amazing unique honey is unforgettable – It is nutritious, delicious, and satisfying. We’ve designed a special bottle for this exceptional nectar honey.

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Creamed Honey

Amen Bee presents our delicious Creamed Honey, a smooth yet thick, spreadable honey cream. It is made with our exceptional Grade B honey, apple blossoms, raspberries, and cinnamon – extracted directly from Amen Bee beehives.

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Make this year special by giving the gift our special honey